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photography projects

Zalew Zegrzynski. Sporty zimowe             The Lake
I love winter and skiing, hence – mountains. The thing is, I cannot always go there just to go crazy for a few hours. Instead, I went to see the beauty of winter at a nearby lake. Being there I felt like I suddenly was in a completely different world. Quite an unexpected experience.
i want to talk with someone             “I want to talk to someone – how”
Grzegorz put his first post on Facebook. 20 years earlier he chose to live in solitude so as to pursue his path and his calling to be closer to God, as he claims.
I have become fascinated by solitude which people voluntarily choose. They intentionally isolate themselves from the world. They choose the loneliness of being misunderstood, yet giving them freedom to live in accordance with what is their expression of deepest needs.
Hebron. Tomasz Kaczorek             Since The Oslo Agreement in 1993, the city of Hebron has been divided into two sectors: H1 and H2. The H1 sector, home to around 120,000 Palestinians, came under the control of the Palestinian Authority.
H2, remained under Israeli military control to protect several hundred Jewish residents in the old Jewish quarter. Over the years, Israel established a number of settlement points in and around the Old City of Hebron, which had traditionally served as the commercial center for the entire southern West Bank.
Israeli Defense Forces have made the entire Palestinian population pay the price for protecting Israeli settlement in the city.
giganci             They call themselves Gigants – Warsaw Praga inhabitants, homeless people living underground in sewers in Żerań area. They live as we do: joke, smile, laugh, meet fellows, make friends, love, read books…. but their daily budget is about 1$. They earn some cash working temporary or collecting cans and bottles. Almost everyone have done something against low and for a few years stayed in a prison. But here nobody asks unnecessary questions, none of them has a house or does not have the way back. They help each other, share their goods and dream about better life. Some of them come for a while and go but a few have lived here even for over 16 years.